17 abril 2013

«The Church, mystery of unity (I)» | The Work of the Church. Year of Faith

Already since 1959, in the perspective of the Council and for all ages to come, the Lord had prepared Mother Trinidad with a special capacity in view of a singular and most personal mission that He were to give her in relation to the Vicar of Christ and to Bishops. This mission being to love them, support them, comfort them, offer herself up for them and help them with all the communications God made to her soul in order to present the true face of the Church.

Besides the fact that God had made known to her the luminous depths of the divine plans, He has also given her an abundant light with regard to how to carry out His will for the Church. In the first part of this writing she explains to us how the Lord made her see what His thinking was regarding the Second Vatican Council, the mission of each person in the Church, the need for reformation and the manner to accomplish it. [...]