14 mayo 2013

«The Holy Mother Church is the New and Heavenly Jerusalem» | The Work of the Church. Year of Faith

As we read the contents of today’s writing one can grasp the reason and the origin that makes The Work of the Church feel the need and the urgency to live permanently and continuously offered to the Lord on behalf of the People of God, the Holy Father and the Bishops of the Holy Mother Church.

The Lord, after introducing Mother Trinidad into His joy, profoundly and delightfully, made her understand, at the same time, the suffering and the fortitude of the Church –“a Tower of strength”– and how tiny she was at the feet of that very Church –like “a tiny shoe of the Church”– so simple and so insignificant. Yet, as one Bishop said in this regard: “without a tiny shoe one can hardly walk, and one’s feet hurt greatly….”

All along this writing, she refers to the silence she experiences on not being listened to as God wants, and to the solitude she has always lived in; the reason being that, unless the Church does not cease to weep because of the grief and incomprehension of her very own children, Mother Trinidad, as the Echo of the Church, will not cease to live, fully merged with the Church, Her dramatic loneliness and Her sorrowful grief.

And when she might not be here with us any longer, and can no longer suffer, her Work of the Church will do so for the ages to come. [...]