11 agosto 2012

"Mary crossed the abyss" | Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

In prayer with Mary, contemplating the loving mystery of her Assumption into Heavens, with her body and soul, with the theme "MARY CROSSED THE ABYSS", written by Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia:
"Collection Light in the night - The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom"
Number 5: "Mary is a wonder of grace" (page 57)



“Assumpta est Maria” who raises into heavens,
triumphant and glorious, with secure and
majestic gait. Her soul is white, without anything
to prevent Her from flying towards the
Mansions of God’s Kingdom.

The Virgin did not have any tendency, nor
desire, nor strain, nor inclination which attracted
Her to earth. Mary lived as though assumed
throughout her whole pilgrimage, concluding
her assumption in the embrace of the encounter
with the Infinite.

The Virgin went through life with the agility
of lightning, without lying on the earth’s
mud, without her immaculate soul gathering
even a speck of dust, without feeling in herself
the concupiscences which have been the consequences
of the breakage of God’s plan.

For this reason, when arriving at eternity’s
frontiers, her body, united to her soul in perfect
union of indescribable embrace, and without
any inclination other than that of the soul
totally taken, possessed and saturated by God,
was brought by her soul to eternity in that glorious
day for the Lady, at the end of her pilgrimage.
Her soul attracted, raising it with itself,
the body, and made it cross through the
unfathomable abyss which sin had opened between
God and man, without feeling even the
slightest impediment.

The Virgin’s Assumption was so gentle, so
sure, so as though divine, that sin’s consequences
which death had caused us were not
experienced by Her at that glorious moment.

The Lady all White of the Incarnation did
not have anything to relinquish; there was nothing
that inclined Her to earth; neither in her
body, nor in her soul, any desire other than a
continuous and loving ascension towards the